One of the biggest legislative battles in 2016 revolves around Michigan's energy policy. DTE and Consumers Power are lobbying vigorously to regain their monopolies in Michigan. Currently the state of Michigan has granted these two energy giants control of 90% of the market. 

    Legislative friends of the big two, State Representative Aric Nesbitt (R) and State Senator Mike Nofs (R) chair two key Lansing committees which have been tasked with updating Michigan's energy policy. (Some insiders say that the giants lobbied behind the scenes to help get Nesbitt and Nofs installed as chairmen of the committees which will decide their fate.)

    Both legislators have been pushing plans that would effectively give the DTE/Consumers alliance control of the entire energy market in Michigan. This is good for their profits but bad for ratepayers and taxpayers. Below is an excerpt from MIRS, a newsletter for Lansing's political class, which illustrates this latest struggle between conservative legislators and those who do the bidding of Lansing insiders.

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