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  • Detroit Regional Chamber to campaign against push to hike state corporate income tax to fix roads
    // Crain's Detroit Business

    Lindsay VanHulle - The Detroit Regional Chamber is challenging a union-backed ballot initiative to raise Michigan’s corporate income tax to pay for roads


    Road Funding Plan Penalizes Working Families, Again

    Michigan families may have to absorb yet another hit to their wallet if the moderate wing of the Republican Party has its way in Lansing. Rather than adopting the Colbeck Plan, which would fund road repair without raising taxes, Republican leaders are scheming with their political donors and big business lobbyists to separate you from your ever shrinking disposable income. Worse yet, the proposed tax hikes backed by corporate lobbyists like the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, would disproportionately impact those on the lower and middle rungs of the economic ladder.

  • A 2010 millage increase for roads was defeated in Speaker Cotter’s home county of Isabella. Perhaps this defeat helped the top legislator in the Michigan House understand the perspectives of Michigan citizens.



    Taxes Going Up - Again


    gas price comparison

    The gas price gap is getting even wider . . . Traveling to Tennessee every week for business has provided an opportunity to compare costs of living with my home state of Michigan. I filled up my rental car with BP gas at the price of $1.76.9 per gallon. Driving home from Detroit Metro Airport I had to fill up my own car. The price of BP gas in Hartland Michigan was $2.59.9 per gallon. (October 23, 2015 comparison)

    This gap coulld get even wider as the Michigan State House of Representatives voted to raise gas taxes this week. It appears that Michigan's establishment Republicans want to wrestle the the "tax and spend" mantle from Michigan Democrats. 




  • Deep pocketed political donors and business organizations fight tax hikes targeting their interests while lobbying to increase yours.

  • Tax revenue is projected to increase by $1.6 billion over the new two years, yet the Michigan Chamber of Commerce along with other big business interests are lobbying Lansing to raise your taxes to fix the roads.

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