There Are Plenty of Alternatives to the $2 Billion Tax Hike known as Prop 1

Proponents of Prop 1 have been frequently heard saying that voters must pass Prop 1 because there is no Plan B. In other words, there are no alternatives to Prop 1. Proponents of Prop 1 portray that voters are stuck between choosing a $2 billion tax increase which costs the average family of four $8000 over a ten year period, or doing nothing about Michigan roads.

Playing on voter fears, this assertion falsely claims that voters have to choose between Prop 1 and sub-standard roads. Nothing could be further from the truth. Several legislators have already offered up alternative plans which fix our roads and bridges without raising taxes. In fact, one alternative is awaiting a committee hearing in Lansing.

Here are some recent quotes from print and electronic news sources which should help set the record straight about alternatives to Prop 1.

From March 31, 2015 Advisor & Source article (Macomb County)

“State Sen. Jack Brandenberg and State Rep. Pete Lucido both offered up their own solutions to the divisive road proposal Michigan voters will decide on in May.”

From March 11, 2015 mLive article

“State Rep. Todd Courser, R-Lapeer, also introduced road funding legislation this week that appears to resemble last year's Bolger plan. And Sen. Pat Colbeck, R-Canton, has published a series of "alternative road fix options" online.”

The Gadsden Center believes that, if given a chance, voters and taxpayers would prefer to have alternatives to Prop 1, alternatives which fix our roads without raising our taxes. In this final week we’ll be conducting a phone survey on this very topic.

Voting no on Prop 1 is the only choice for voters who want to fix our roads without raising taxes.

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