Rightfully so, much media attention has been given to the Judge who handed down an extremely lenient six-month jail sentence to a Stanford University student convicted of rape. The student was convicted of three felony counts of sexual assault which included raping a 23 year old woman who was unconscious at the time.

Major news organizations including The NY Times and CNN have extensively covered this outrageously light sentence. They have covered this story from many angles, except they overlooked one key angle. The Judge in question is a Democrat, endorsed by key California Democrats.

While the Dems and the media accuse Republicans of a "War on Women," the actions of this Democrat Judge suggest otherwise.


Our poltical system is full of hypocrisy. The Gadsden Center has pointed out hypocrisy on both sides of the ailse, however, this story takes the cake. It is especially egregious given that the mainstream media could have easily uncovered the objective information presented in this short story.    

We suspect that had the Judge been a Republican, the media would have pushed the narrative that this "slap on the wrist for rape" was just another front in the War on Women.  But as is typical in today's journalism, if the facts don't fit the media narrative then don't include them in the story.

Here is some background information about Judge Aaron Persky - the liberal judge at the center of this storm.

Persky first ran for a Superior Court seat in 2002, but lost to Ron M. Del Pozzo, according to Santa Clara County records. Del Pozzo received 122,036 votes and Persky received 112,668.

His defeat came despite several endorsements, including from the Santa Clara Bar Association, the San Jose Mercury News, Congressman Mike Honda and two former San Jose Mayors.

He was then appointed to the bench in September 2003 by then-Governor Gray Davis, a Democrat and fellow Stanford University alum and athlete. According to the Metropolitan News-Enterprise, Davis selected Persky, then a 41-year-old prosecutor, to fill a spot vacated by Judge Conrad Rushing, who had been elevated to the Sixth District Court of Appeal.

Persky is running for re-election to another term as a Superior Court judge, but he does not have an opponent, according to the Associated Press.

See the entire story at Heavy.com.

Below is a campaign finance report from the Federal Election Commission. The report shows Persky's donation to the Santa Clara County United Democratic Campaign.

Judge Perksy FEC filing


Click here for more information about the Santa Clara County United Democratic Campaign.

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