Detroit Regional Chamber to campaign against push to hike state corporate income tax to fix roads
// Crain's Detroit Business

Lindsay VanHulle - The Detroit Regional Chamber is challenging a union-backed ballot initiative to raise Michigan’s corporate income tax to pay for roads

by discouraging voters to sign the group’s petition. The chamber’s “decline to sign” campaign is in response to a petition drive by a campaign committee called Citizens for Fair Taxes that would nearly double the state’s flat corporate income tax -- from 6 percent to 11 percent -- to raise at least $900 million.


Editor's note: The Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce is lobbying legislators to raise taxes on individual to pay for roads. They also lobbied for the passage of Proposal 1. You may recall that Proposal 1, a $1.8 billion take hike on individuals, failed by a 80-20 margin.

The Gadsden Center advocates for the passage of the Colbeck Plan, which funds the roads without raising taxes.

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