County-wide tax increase on the ballot in November. LESA proposes property tax increase of 46%.

Shall the current charter limitation on the annual property tax rate for the education of students with a disability in Livingston Educational Service Agency, Michigan, be increased by 1.0435 mills ($1.0435 on each $1,000 of taxable valuation), for a period of 10 years, 2016 to 2025, inclusive (this increase will allow the intermediate school district to levy the maximum rate of 3.31 mills previously approved by the electors which has been reduced as required by the Michigan Constitution of 1963); the estimate of the revenue the intermediate school district will collect if the millage is approved and levied in 2016 is approximately $7,073,062 from local property taxes authorized herein?

Analysis – With this tax increase, the owner of a home with an equalized value of $100,000 would pay a total LESA tax of over $3300 for the duration of this millage increase. This additional new tax represents an increase of 46% over current levels. This tax increase affects property owners in Livingston County Michigan. Voting day for this millage is November 3, 2015.

Note: LESA is also referred to as an Intermediate School District.

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