Please read Senator Colbeck's op-ed piece linked below. It is related to a plan to fix our roads with existing funds and already introduced bills.  Don't quite understand those that want to attack and disagree with a legislator who is only trying to prevent the state government from taking more from their paycheck!

There is a plan other than putting an inflation based 15 cent tax increase on a commodity you have to purchase in order to exist.  This is a tool let's use it.

Read the article, do the math, check the bills and please call your representative in the House/Senate and ask them if they have read and considered what Senator Colbeck is proposing. If they don't think it will work - ask them to explain WHY!

No one is saying the roads don't need fixing, we are questioning the amount needed, and is the amount determined ONLY FOR THE ROADS?  Are these legislators concerned and aware that many of the taxpayers are getting tired of being looked at as banks and not as constituents working to get by? 

Are they aware that some who would never have entertained the idea of placing a huge tax increase on corporations, now feel that may not be such a bad idea?  Are they aware there's frustration that the voice of the people is being drowned out by special interest groups and lobbyists?

There are alternatives, there are plans and there are electeds that have put in long hours, done the math, and created the message in order to bring those options to the attention of the taxpayers and other legislators.

Please help us get this article out to as many friends, family members and organizations as possible. A few seconds spent now on this posting request could have a huge impact on your future. It's your money - I assume you want to keep it if possible.  It's possible but you need to act now!

Thank you!


The above information submitted to The Gadsden Center from supporters in Michigan.

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