Republicans Game Plan to Hike Taxes and Fees for Roads

Based in Greenville, The Daily News just reported that State Representative Rick Outman (R-Six Lakes) is the architect of the plan which, if passed, will once again hike taxes on middle class citizens of Michigan.

Call your legislator and ask him/her to oppose this plan. Ask them to support the plan put forward by State Senator Patrick Colbeck. You need to call tomorrow morning.

Link to the Colbeck plan: http://www.senatorpatrickcolbeck.com/colbeck-unveils-ways-to-fund-road-repairs-without-a-tax-hike/

Find your State Representative.



By Elisabeth Waldon • Last Updated 3:52 pm on Monday, August 17, 2015

LANSING — In the midst of the Michigan Legislature’s summer vacation, one state representative came up with an idea for road funding that is now set to be considered by the state House as soon as Tuesday.

Rep. Rick Outman, R-Six Lakes, first shared his idea for a state road funding proposal with The Daily News editorial board in Greenville in July.

Rep. Rick Outman, R-Six Lakes, first shared his idea for a state road funding proposal with The Daily News editorial board in July.

Inspired by his constituents in the 70th District who called for a simple proposal focused solely on roads with only as much funding spent as needed, Outman brainstormed a $1.2 billion plan.

His idea calls for using $600 million in existing revenue from the state’s general fund — which he believes can be found — and $600 million in new revenue to fund road repairs. For the new revenue, he proposed generating $300 million from a gas tax increase and $300 million in a vehicle registration fee increase.

The Michigan House is preparing to use Outman’s idea as the framework for a road funding proposal to be considered as soon as Tuesday, when the House goes back into session.

“They’re going to use my ideas to frame the proposal,” Outman told The Daily News. “Kevin Cotter, the House Speaker, called me (last) Tuesday and asked if it would be alright to use my framework for the basis of the proposal. It really was very courteous of him. I didn’t have any proposed legislation on the books. He didn’t have to call me. He called to let me know, he wanted to make sure that I was OK with it.”

Since Outman’s ideas will likely be inserted into an existing proposed road funding legislation in order to expedite the process in the House, his name won’t be on the bill as a sponsor. Outman said that’s why Cotter reached out to him ahead of time.

“I’m grateful that he (Cotter) did offer me the chance to be part of this,” he said. “I’m just glad to hopefully be part of getting this problem solved. This has been something that’s been hanging over our heads since day one. I’m grateful I get to be a hand in it.”

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