The Livonia Chamber of Commerce recently came out in support of 33% increase in property taxes used to fund Schoolcraft College. Meanwhile, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce has come out in support of a middle-class tax hike for road funding. Why does the Chamber lobby for tax hikes on individuals while they lobby vigorously to keep theirs from going up?


Here is what RWU supporters had to say about the tax hike being pushed by the Livonia Chamber of Commerce:

Schoolcraft Community College is asking for a 33% increase in the community college tax on your home.

  • Enrollment at Schoolcraft has been declining since the 2009-2010 school year.
  • In the same period, Schoolcraft spent 14% more on their operating budget, resulting in deficit spending.
  • For families in Michigan, the median income fell from $49,148 (2009) to $48,273 (2013).
  • Schoolcraft Community College is spending more tax money to educate fewer students and their solution is to take more money from families that are making less money.
  • Schoolcraft College needs to take responsibility for their spending and live within their means, like all of us have to.


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