The Gadsden Center received this press release regarding a poll conducted about Michigan's road funding plan.

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Contact: Jennifer Hensley


October 21, 2015

Platform Republican Caucus Survey Finds Strong Opposition to Gas Tax, Registration Fee Increases

Pinckney, Mich. – The Platform Republican Caucus, a grassroots citizen group, released the results of a poll today that show strong opposition to gas tax or registration fee increases. Legislative leaders hope to vote as soon as today on a package that would hike gas taxes by hundreds of millions of dollars. The full poll results are available online at www.platformrepublicancaucus.com.

“The data is clear, voters don’t support tax hikes and they aren’t likely to support legislators who support tax hikes or registration fee hikes either,” said Jennifer Hensley, founder of the Platform Republican Caucus. “Raising taxes just doesn’t seem like something citizens are willing to overlook even if the roads are bad.”

“If Republicans vote for a tax hike then Republicans will lose their moral high ground on the issue of taxes to the left,” stated Jennifer Hensley.

The poll showed that by a margin of 60% voters favored “reprioritize spending” over “tax hike.” And, a full 50% of those surveyed said they were not willing to support any increase in the gas tax in order to fix the roads.

Equally telling were questions as to whether voters would be more likely or less likely to reelect their state representative in the future if they voted to increase the state gas tax. At a 10 cents-per-gallon tax hike, 68% of voters said they’d be less likely to support their incumbent representative.

The phone survey of 600 registered Michigan voters was conducted by the polling company, inc./WomanTrend with a margin of error of +/- 4.0 percent.

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