The Gadsden Center, Inc. was one of 426 organizations that may have been improperly treated by the IRS. It is an example of how an out-of-control federal agency used the full force of the federal government to unfairly scrutinize citizens who happen to believe in constitutional government.


An excerpt from The Washington Examiner:

The IRS has released a list of more than 400 nonprofit groups the agency claims it may have treated improperly, including by applying extra scrutiny in the case of conservative groups that were seeking tax-exempt status.

The list, which was revealed as part of a recent federal court filing, includes more than 100 groups that had not been made public during a previous investigation by the Treasury inspector general.

The IRS produced the list after being asked by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, which said the full universe of entities that might have been subject to IRS targeting must be made clear. It makes up the full list of groups that could find relief in an ongoing lawsuit against the IRS in that court.

In spite of the unwarranted IRS scrutiny, our organization prevailed as we have already been granted tax-exempt status under section 501 c4 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Full story from the class action suit

Court filing seeking class action suit against the IRS. An excerpt is shown below. The Gadsden Center, Inc is number 370 on the list.

The Gadsden Center, Inc. on the IRS hit list

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