Thanks to your support, The Gadsden Center was able to send out informational mailers in the race for State Representative in the 80th and 82nd Districts.

Typically organizations with ties to deep-pocketed establishment donors are the only ones with the resources to distribute informational mailings. However, thanks to your support, The Gadsden Center was able to send out multiple mailings in both the 80th and 82nd Districts.

As a non-partisan organization, The Gadsden Center does not endorse or oppose candidates seeking elective office. However, The Gadsden Center does distribute information about candidate positions and circumstances which we believe voters would be interested in knowing prior to casting their ballots on Election Day.

As reported by the Detroit News, The Gadsden Center is one of three organizations mailing literature to voters in these two House Districts. The Detroit News described the other two organizations as:

“The Great Lakes Education Project — a DeVos family-affiliated school choice advocacy group — is supporting Mary Whiteford and Jan Peabody. Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kowall, R-White Lake Township, donated $10,000 to Peabody’s campaign.”

The other group is “Michigan’s Voice, a mystery political group launched by Lansing attorney Richard McLellan, has been sending advertisements to voters attacking Republican candidates Jim Storey in Allegan County and Gary Howell in Lapeer County.”

It is worth noting that The Great Lake Education Project (GLEP) strongly supports Common Core. While Senator Mike Kowall supports increasing road funding by raising your taxes and registration fees rather than by reprioritizing how Lansing spends your tax dollars.

As reported in the Detroit News and West Michigan Politics, Michigan’s Voice appears to be a front group for the Michigan GOP establishment. Michigan’s Voice was recently incorporated by Richard McLellan, a long-time GOP insider. McLellan was also involved in forming the Michigan Advocacy Trust, another front group created by the GOP establishment. The Michigan Advocacy Trust was formed to oust conservative precinct delegates, denying them participating at the 2014 State Convention of the Michigan Republican Party.

Of these three organizations, The Gadsden Center is the only one with a strong conservative foundation. “Our organization is blessed to have the support of Michigan’s conservative grassroots and the resources to be able to educate and inform voters,” said The Gadsden Center President, Wes Nakagiri.

Here are examples of mailings sent out by The Gadsden Center: 



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